Bloating when the period is a common early symptom of menstruation which has been experienced by most women when it comes to period. It gives you the feeling of gaining weight or your abdomen and other parts of the body feel so tight and even swelling.

Bloating mostly happen before your menstruation and it will fade away and ultimately disappear once you have been on a period for several days. You might not be able to stop bloating entirely. However, there are many ways as well as home remedies for this little evil “girl.”

Several methods that you can use to calm down period bloating such as avoiding caffeine and alcoholic beverages, consume more water, follow a less – sodium diet with veggies, fruits, lean protein and whole grains, take a diuretic, exercise regularly and consume less processed foods. Moreover, you can discuss with your doctor if birth control medication can help. Once your bloating affects your daily routine severely, you should seek help from your doctor immediately.

What to do to prevent and treat period bloating?

Since there is nothing called one – size – fits – all treatment, you might need to adjust your lifestyle appropriately to reduce the bloating both before as well as during your period.

1. Consume the proper foods

You should cut the salt consumption. But how to know whether your diet contains a too high amount of salt? The AHA (American Heart Association) has recommended limiting your daily salt consumption to no more than 2.3g.

For example, processed foods or canned food contain a high amount of salt and other ingredients which might not be the healthiest. Therefore, you should concentrate on consuming more fruits and veggies and other healthy foods like lean protein, seeds, nuts and whole grains.

2. Drink more water

You should ensure that you have consumed at least eight cups of water on a daily basis. Therefore, try to carry a water bottle with you and target to top up it a few times a day. Even though the recommendation is eight cups of water a day, the amount of water might vary from a person to another due to personal health, environment, and many other factors.

3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

This seems pretty evident as caffeine and alcohol contribute a high portion to bloating and other worse symptoms of PMS. Instead of drinking these beverages, you should consume more water.
If you have the difficulty of getting rid of your morning cup of coffee, you can try to replace it with other healthier beverages such as tea, or you can choose to consume decaffeinated type.

4. Exercise regularly

Exercising on a regular basis is essential when it comes to lowering your PMS symptoms. Professionals recommend that you should consider one of the following instructions:

-    Several hours of mild physical exercises on a weekly basis.
-    An hour or maximum 2 hours of vigorous activity on a weekly basis.
-    An appropriate mix of these activities a week

5. Medication

If these natural home remedies are not able to calm your PMS and bloating down before as well as during your period, you might need to take a visit to your doctor to other treatments. You might discuss with your doctor about this:

Birth Control. Taking this might help you to calm your PMS down. However, you might need to discuss with your doctor before using it.

Diuretics. This medication will help you to reduce the bloating sensation and the fluid your body stores. So you may ask your doctor about the medicine.

When does period bloating happen?

Before your period comes or at the beginning of it, bloating is likely to happen. PMS symptoms can start at least a week or two weeks beforehand. You might experience bloating every month, not at all or once in a while. Relief from the bloating may happen right after your period starts or it might take several days to cover it up. 

Moreover, you might encounter other symptoms too. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists claims that about 85 percent of women say that they have experienced physical symptoms associated with their period. Apart from bloating, other symptoms that one might encounter when the period comes are cramping, acne, fatigue, food cravings and moodiness.

Why do periods lead to bloating?

Long story short, the answer is hormones. PMS happens when the luteal phase of your menstruation is occurring. That is when your hormones such as progesterone and estrogen might fluctuate. Moreover, it is also the time when your uterus thickens. If you get pregnant, the fertilized eggs will attach to your thickened uterine lining. Otherwise, when the thickened uterine lining evacuates your body, and you have your period.

Besides, hormones might not be the only reason that causes you physical symptoms which cause period. Other causes for your symptoms might be due to your diet, the type and volume of minerals and vitamins you consume, the number of foods and drinks you have with alcohol and caffeine as well as your genes.

When to see a doctor?

You should discuss with your doctor if you bloating has these following symptoms:

You still experience bloating even after your period

It becomes more severe and affect your daily activities

Mild or middle bloating that often starts before your period and it goes away after your period begins is nothing to worry much about. As long as you can do your daily activities usually and your symptoms only occur around your period, things you can do is to adjust your daily activities and your diet to suit the time. However, if your symptoms have become more and more severe and the bloating gets in the way of your daily activities, you need to see your doctor immediately.


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Flowers are beautiful, but there are only two situations in which they are beautiful: when they are still attached to their plants, and when they have undergone careful preparation. Flowers that are cut and taken for display don't cooperate well. They wilt, rot, and die. Imagine that happening to wedding flowers. It would be depressing. It would look like an omen or a symbol of bad luck for the upcoming marriage. Nobody likes seeing such things on their wedding day. You need to know these things to make sure it won't happen to your wedding. These tips will help you have a beautiful wedding with fresh, beautiful flowers. It is just the way all weddings should be. A wedding that has well-prepared flowers is a good wedding.

How They are Sent

The flowers are cut before they fully bloom. Each flower is placed in its own package. Some of the flowers are placed in a protective cardboard sleeve, and others get a special net around their heads. Some flowers are delivered without water, and other flowers are delivered with water tubes. The flowers that are delivered without water are pre-treated. It is like they are sent to hibernation and covered in their older petals and leaves to keep them protected as they get delivered. They are still asleep when they arrive.

When They Don't Look Like Themselves

The flowers also look asleep when they get delivered to you. Do not panic if they do not look the same way as the ones in the advertisements of your flower delivery service. You still need to wake them up. Hydrate them, trim them on their stems, trim their excess foliage, and remove their guard petals if there are any. You need to take extremely good care of them, and then you will see how they perk up. They will start resembling the model flowers in the advertisements. Remember that they are fresh flowers and are sensitive, so they might not look exactly like the ones in the flower company's pictures.

What You Need to Do

The only things the flower delivery services deliver are flowers, and nothing more. You are going to have to come up with everything else. To make the wedding look like its best, prepare and arrange your flowers carefully. Make sure you have a complete set of floral supplies, and they must be ready even before the flowers arrive. You can hire experts who will take care of the flowers, but that will only add extra expense. If you are okay with working hard to make the best wholesale flowers and perfect floral look, you can do it yourself.

Get Help

If you are going to prepare the flowers without paying anyone, you must be prepared for the work. Plan the whole flower care even before ordering the flowers. Get all the supplies you will need and keep them ready. The benefits of caring for the flowers on your own are you get to save money and you get to have fun with creativity. The flower care process can also be a chance for bonding and socializing if you get the help of family and friends. Never forget to have fun.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Because of all of these things that you need to do to get the ultimate wedding flowers, you must order them ahead of time and prepare their storage ahead of time. The schedule of the delivery depends on the flowers, arrangements, and the flower care that you planned. If you planned to do it yourself, you are going to need to order them around four days ahead of the wedding date. Once you have finished preparing the flowers for the big day, store them in a cool and dark place to preserve them. You don't want them looking rotten during the wedding.


The preparation of wedding flowers doesn't start on the purchase of wholesale flowers, nor on the delivery of flowers. The preparation of wedding flowers starts days ahead of the purchase and delivery of flowers. You need to plan how you will prepare your flowers, how long it will take, and the supplies you will need. The preparation of these flowers is a long and intricate process, but it is all worth it.
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New Zealand is a place where many people want to go for adventure and vacation. From the gorgeous beaches to visit on the coastline to the fascinating scenery and landscapes, it’s what traveling dreams are made of. Can you just imagine road tripping in a motorhome hire NZ? It would undoubtedly be an experience that you wouldn’t soon forget.

If you’re a hiking fanatic, there is no way that you can ignore the fact that New Zelaand has some excellent hiking destinations. Whether you’ve been here before or you have only seen pictures, you know that there is nothing quite like New Zealand’s hiking trails.

To help you get started, the following hiking trails are some of the best in the country. Some are more challenging while others are for the hiking beginner. From day walks to long treks, New Zealand’s hiking destinations offer something for everyone. Take a look:

·         Tongariro National Park: Tongariro National Park is a must-visit place for anyone. As a dual World Heritage Site, you can only imagine how beautiful and iconic it must be. For hikers who love being in nature, it’s a must see. From short walks/hikes to longer treks that will lead you to fascinating places, there is something for everyone to experience in one of New Zealand’s most gorgeous locations. From volcanos to lakes and mountains, you can be sure that this will be a rewarding experience.

·         Fox Glacier: Fox Glacier is a unique place making it a favorite for hikers and nature lovers alike. Hiking glaciers isn’t for the faint-hearted, but for those who have little experience, there are walks in the area. If you want to do the more challenging experience of hiking the glaciers, you’ll want to hire a guide to ensure a safe yet satisfactory experience. Make sure to check conditions ahead of time, as sometimes the weather may delay your hiking experience.

·         Abel Tasman National Park: Located next to the coastline, a hike in the Abel Tasman National Park will provide you with beautiful views of the ocean. While it won’t be the most challenging hike for the hardcore trekkers, it’s a beautiful place that will reward you with views of a variety of landscapes. From the beach and sand to lush jungle and snow peaked mountains, there is beauty all around you in this New Zealand gem. It’s definitely worth your time to stop and see as you travel in a motorhome hire NZ.

·         Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park: If you want to have the experience of seeing fiords and one of the most iconic places in New Zealand, consider hiking the Kepler Track in Fiordland National Park. You’ll be blessed with alpine vistas, forests, waterfalls, and waterways. What are you waiting for? Hiking the Kepler Track is the perfect idea for hikers who want to make sure to see views like no other.

·         Mount Cook National Park: Yes, the small country of New Zealand really does have a plethora of places to hike. Mount Cook National Park is also a must-visit place for visitors, whether they are hikers are not. It’s full of gorgeous landscape that you will undoubtedly love. From rivers to glaciers, mountains and greenery, the contrast in landscape is stunning. From winter to summer, there is never a season when Mount Cook National Park doesn’t look amazing, but many visitors love to visit when there is still snow on the ground. No matter when you visit, you can be sure that you won’t soon forget the experience.

·         Lake Wanaka: From short walks to Rippon Vineyard to challenging treks to Mount Iron, there is something for everyone to experience near Lake Wanaka. A place with mountains, forests, and flowing streams, you can be sure to get your fill of beauty while trekking the local terrain. If you’re new at hiking, don’t worry, there are easy walks for you. If you love a bit of challenge on your treks, you’ll be able to get your heart pumping here for sure.

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the world’s most gorgeous countries. Rich in a variety of landscapes and beautiful scenery, it’s no wonder that people continually look for a way to visit.
It’s an adventurer’s dream and as you can see from the above-mentioned places, there is plenty to go around. You can visit everyone of these destinations or choose to pick the one that you most fancy.

Whether you are traveling in a motorhome hire NZ or you want to rent a vehicle and stay at the nearby lodgings, you can be sure that a road trip in New Zealand is worth your time. Don’t hesitate. Pack your hiking boots, your active wear, and plenty of water and get traveling! Beauty, adventure, and amazing landscapes are waiting for you.
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