Precocious memories on celluloid

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A child’s first few months are precious to parents. It is the time when one watches their little one grow – marking each milestone, noting down every move, every new thing a child does etc. Storing these in one’s memory is not enough and with the advent of photography in modern age, it is a great medium to capture precious moments and store them for life.

Photography baby pictures are widely popular today and becoming increasingly common among new parents and parents-to-be. When planning a baby, couples not only jot down names of doctors but also of top newborn photographers. This is because such photographers are highly skilled and trained, i.e. after many photo shoots, to deal with infant babies. Newborn photography is a lot different from wedding photography or a birthday shoot. In fact, the right words to describe this kind of photography is ‘tedious, tough and needs tones of patience’! Picking a new born photographer who is fairly experienced in the field, i.e. he/she has already done a number of baby photo shoots. 

When hiring photographers for baby photography, parents need to keep the following things in mind – 

  1. Get to know the photographer – social media is a great leveler. Through Facebook, twitter and even Linkedin, one can connect with various photographers, gauge their work and narrow down on the right options. When it comes to getting a photographer for one’s child, the photographer needs to be someone who is patient. They need to wait on the baby, be aware of the infant’s moods and chart out the assignment accordingly.
  2. Comfort over creativity – yes, baby photographers like wedding photographers are paid tones of money for their creativity. It is expected out of them. Each parent wants their baby’s shoot to have some theme or some out of the box ideas. However, this needs to be discussed in detail. This is because all these ideas will go down the drain if the baby does not cooperate! Therefore, the baby needs to be comfortable. 
  3. What the baby wants – This is the most important point. Unlike couples’ shoot or wedding photography, a newborn photographer has to understand what the baby really wants. If he/she wants to sleep through the shoot, the photo shoot will have to be designed in that way. 
  4. Pick a good day – Parents know their babies best. They know when their babies are most comfortable. Hence, they should know which day works best for their baby. If it happens to turn out to be the right day, the shoot will turn out to be fun for all. 
  5. Pick the right time of the day – Most important factor. Babies are not active through the day. Some are nocturnal, some are day kids. So pick the time when your baby is playful and loves to engage with people. The best part about candid photographers is that they can work their schedules as per the comfort of the baby. 
  6. Become the photographer – a parent knows their child the best. Often times, it so happens that photographers struggle to get the little ones to smile or pose in a particular way. But if the parent turns photographer, they know how their baby will react to them. It will be the most comfortable way to get them to pose and make the most of such memories!
Capturing memories of infancy or toddlerhood is very important for parents and even the immediate family. It becomes an important treasure trove of memories that parents cherish forever. A little bit of research, recommendation and patience can help find the best newborn photographers in the city.
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