How to clean & maintain a black car?

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No matter the make or model, “black” is one of the most popular car colour around the world, providing a unique sleekness that other shades don’t. While famous, it’s extremely difficult to clean and keep it shiny. Dust, dirt and pollen settles on a black car like no other that are quite visible. Fortunately, there’re many ways to treat the vehicle with absolute professionalism. Here’s how to clean your car and maintain the black shine;

Keep it covered
Much like every vehicle, covering the black car is one of the best ways to keep it cleaned for long. Special car covers prevent dust accumulation as well as add an extra layer of protection against scratches and dings. There’re many different types of car covers available nowadays for resistance against extreme weather, precipitation or simply dust. Climate and driving factors would determine the type of car cover to buy.

Wash frequently
Frequently washing the car, especially after a long journey is important to keep the black shine from deterioration! Just make sure that after wash, you dry it with a chamois or any other soft, non-abrasive cloth. This is important to prevent unpleasant water-based spots from developing on the vehicle. In case you’re going for a professional car wash, make sure they use touch-free wash system that cleanses much of the residue, leaving behind a shiny car.

Waxing adds a protective layer that increases longevity of the delicate black finish and this is crucial with a dark shaded car. While polishing a vehicle is good, there’s some debate as to how often! Automotive industrial experts prefer having a car waxed or buffed at-least twice a year. Over the years, quality of wax formulas has improved to provide long-term protection.

Wax application is preferred after every wash to prevent dirt and grime settlement whereas keeping the glossiness prominent. It also helps covering possible scratches that are already in the paint. Carefully read the instructions on the product while applying for best results.

No touch wash
Many advance car washing stations treat the vehicles with touch-free mechanism that’s gentlest and removes most of the dirt and grime. The typical hand wash treatment can be risky since there’s no guarantee on the type of rags or care being given. In the end, you’ll find remnants of the rags once the vehicle dries along with streaks on the windshield. This is more visible on a black car so no-touch wash is highly preferred.

Self treatment
Except the owner, no one would care much of a car especially when cleaning is concerned. So if you’re actually doing it yourself, take a soft brush dunked in soapy solution. You can easily clean hard-to-reach corners that probably house a lot of dirt, dust, grit and allergens. Give it a final touch by sponging the entire vehicle with soapy solution followed by a bath of clean water. Dry using a non-abrasive, cleaner cloth or cotton towel to avoid water-based stains!

How to clean a car; especially a black one is indeed a challenge but a little care and attention would go a long way. Follow the above steps and be proud of your shiny vehicle!
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