Top 8 basic flower arrangements

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Flowers are indeed beautiful things to happen on Earth. There are different varieties of flowers present, with each being different from one another, of different attractive colours, shapes and sizes. They also smell differently. Thus, there is plethora of options to select from when it comes to picking up flowers for any occasion. Whatever be the reason, season and occasion, there are readily available variety of flowers that can raise up to the occasion and make the event to appear all the more grand and beautiful.

For decoration

There can be noticed flower arrangements on the tables at special events, restaurants, homes, offices and other places. The probable assumption is that these are arranged in this manner just because, it is found to be great this way by the florists. But the truth is that there are present specific patterns, which the florists are to follow while making flower arrangements. One can order flowers in Jaipur India from any part of the world by relying upon reputed online sites.

Basic flower arrangements

There are readily available varieties of flowers that can be used for different types of occasions. Some of them are as follows:

  • Horizontal arrangements: Such arrangement types are created by using anchor tape, shallow containers and anchor foam for ensuring that the design is in its place.
  • Triangular arrangements: In this type of arrangement, basically, the flowers are to be arranged using shallow bowl or vase with other flowers and tall centre flower kept in a manner that the end results take the form of a triangle.
  • Vertical arrangements: They are considered to be the ones which can be commonly noticed in jars and vases in free-flowing forms.
  • Oval arrangement: Such type is regarded to be an arrangement having thicker central flower bunch that tapers at the top slowly and floral overhang which tapers at bottom.
  • Crescent arrangement: This type of arrangement tends to take the crescent moon’s shape with the arrangement’s lower and upper ends curving and tapering inwards, thus forming crescent shape.
  • Lazy S: It is an arrangement which makes use of flowers having curved stems for helping to form the S shape.
  • Minimal arrangement: It is from Ikebana art of Japan that this floral arrangement is known to take its cue. It has very few flowers that are arranged in a particular style which is quite attractive although the minimal flower numbers are used.
  • Free standing: It is stated to be free standing arrangement which is the common type that the florists make use of. They let their imagination to run wild when it comes to arranging the flower. They fit the flowers within a shallow container using floral foam, floral clay and floral tape.
The above are the top eight floral arrangements that can be selected from for the next event. At the same time, the shopper can choose a reputed online Jaipur flower site that offers quick local deliveries without costing a fortune for their products and services.
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