Why Human growth supplement is better from other supplements?

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With the growing age, we get detoriated with performance. But there are certain body components which are designed in quite a natural way for body to groom with perfection and help the body cells grow the best way. These are hormonal supplements, which would help with exclusive performance and are surely going to help with stimulating body performance. These are the human growth hormone supplements that are going to impact on the growth of every body cell. Specifically, they work the best on cartilage muscles, liver, bones, nerves, kidney, lungs and skin. These are rather the growth factors or those of IGF-1 (a supplement of insulin) that is associated to help in body growth. 

Comparative analysis 

If we look through its construction, we can say that this is a polypeptide protein hormone that is being produced from liver and is exactly the same with resembling that of molecular structure of insulin. 

We can hence consider the priorities of IGF 1 vs. HGH because this IGF -1 is quite exclusive in its effect by 
  • Increasing the muscle growth as well as regeration of nerve tissues.
  • This also acts on with increasing the protein transportation to individual cells with reducing the protein breakdown.
  • Various laboratory tests have revealed that this IGF-1 is held responsible to improve the production of white blood cells.
 With that one can set the best for establishing the IGF-1 vs. HGH level to revolutionize the performance with enhancing the supplement consumption. 

Relating IGF-1 vs. HGH 

For athletes, the IGF-1 vs. HGH is quite important. This is the one, whose comparative analysis would impress the athletes to consume the best ones for increasing the rate of their muscle repair after injury as well as increase the rate of muscle growth with IGF-1 the major factor for hyperplasis. This indeed is going to increase the muscles fibres. Somehow the comparison between hyperplasia and hypertrophy is established that would relate to the increase in the size of the existing muscle cells from training and steroid consumption. 

More over the IGF-1 is considered as an endocrine hormone that is produced from the liver. This is the one to stimulate human growth hormone and causes growth in the body cells. This binds to the insulin receptors signaling the increase and decrease of the bodily function like that of metabolism. These are indeed the receptors with positive anti aging effect at the deepest of cell level. 

A combined performance is counted on with the stimulation of growth in the body and its cells. This is IGF-1 that is directing the cell growth with protruding anti aging effect. This is also signifying the limiting production of IGF-1 which is caused due to malnutrition as a lack of response from growth hormones. Mostly this is going to act on with the anti aging process and make it the best with recovery from various health issues as well. 

With the optimal level of HGH and IGF-1 there is a great chance to get improved nutrition and would work predominantly to improve great on weight loss with enhancing the muscular mass.
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