Legal anabolic steroids and its effects

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When we happen to come across the word steroid, we naturally associate it with sportsmen and body builders. But the truth is that majority of users of anabolic steroids are not professional sportsmen. Actually, anabolic steroids are used mostly by heterosexual men in their early twenties and that too for enhancing their appearance. It is to be noted that teenagers looking for the perfect body also consume anabolic steroids without any medical assistance or legal prescription. However, sportsmen also use steroids as performance-enhancing drugs although such practices are actually banned. Anabolic steroids have almost identical effects as the male hormone, testosterone, produced by the human body.

Before plunging into the intricacies, it is necessary to know what anabolic steroids are. Anabolic-steroids are also known as anabolic androgenic steroids which represent a group of natural and synthetic substances that are used widely for therapeutic methods. Testosterone is a male hormone that is produced predominantly in males by Testes while ovaries in females also produce a considerable amount of the hormone. This particular hormone is associated with the production and sustenance of male characteristics like physical mass and body hair. Since anabolic steroids include androgens like testosterone, they have almost identical effects as testosterone has on the human body. Consumption of anabolic steroids may lead to increase in lean muscle mass and hair loss. They work by stimulating protein synthesis in cells that are present in the muscle leading to muscle growth and expansion which results in increased physical strength.

Uses of anabolic steroids:

Many therapeutic medicines employ one or more forms of these compounds for various purposes.

  • It is administered to people with growth problem to induce protein synthesis to induce muscle growth.
  • For the development of secondary sex organs in the case of Trans-men for the development of male features like thick structure, increased body hair, deep voice, muscle mass and physical stamina etc.
  • It is also given to old people to improve lean muscle mass and skeletal strength.
  • For bone marrow stimulation.
  •  It is administered to men with low levels of testosterone.
Legality of anabolic steroids:

In many countries, there are no restrictions on the use of anabolic steroids but many other countries have stricter rules in place to govern the use of such steroids. In the US it is classified under Schedule III while in Canada, it is classified under Schedule IV of substances. These regulations have put in place a mechanism in which illegal use of anabolic steroids is a punishable offence that can attract the wrath of the law of the land. However, doctors are allowed to prescribe these steroids to selective patients after a checking the needs of the patient thoroughly. With a prescription, it is not difficult to obtain steroids. Also without that, it is not advisable to consume steroids as they can cause severe side effects like extreme changes in cholesterol level, high blood pressure, liver damage, acne, dangerous changes in the left ventricle of one’s heart and hormonal imbalances.
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