Places to visit in and around Almora

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Located at the Kumaon range of Himalayas, the beautiful Almora is full of its quintessential natural and cultural essence. If you are planning a trip to Nainital and Ranikhet, make sure you get some time to visit this mesmerizing small hill station. Almora will never cease to amaze you, that’s guaranteed.

Check out for resorts near Almora for your stay and once you are done with all the official works, here are some of the places you must visit that fall in your way to Almora and some of them are located at Almora itself. Keep reading.
  • Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary: This is an amazing place to be if you have special taste for the abundant nature and the verdant oak trees. The Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary is famous for various types of birds that will make you amazed. Do check out the highest point of this sanctuary which is known as Zero Point. You will get to see some breath-taking views of the entire Kumaon region from up here.
  • Katarmal Sun Temple: Located nearly 19km away from the hill station of Almora, this majestic temple is the second-best temples of India. Perched on a lofty hill, the charm and the scenic beauty of this temple is something very unique. Check out the intricate designs of this temple. Look out for the pillars and the small windows which are of immense importance.
  • Nainital: Do visit the picturesque Nainital on your Almora trip. Check out the beautiful lakes and the charming city of Nainital. The famous thing that everyone tells about Nainital is not only the lakes, but the fascinating cityscape that is there for you to explore. Also, check out the shopping centres of Nainital in your spare time.
  • Martola: You should take a detour through the picturesque small hamlet of Martola which is just 10km away from Almora. Once you are here, get ready to be mesmerized with this place’s lush greenery and the abundant natural beauty. This is a must visit place for you.
  • Kansar Devi Temple: This is another popular destination of Almora. Located on top of a hill, many prefer to visit this temple for the height of this place. You can always opt for trekking up to this temple spot. The temple is ancient is said to be constructed during 2nd century AD. In order to get some amazing glimpses of the surrounding area and the thick cover of pine and deodar, do visit this temple.
  • Bright End Corner: In order to get some splendid view of the snow-capped mountain peaks of Himalayan range do visit this place. This is the beginning point of the Mall Road and is famous amongst the tourists who prefer to watch sunsets and sunrise from here.
Almora is a place that has everything to offer to you. Starting from breath-taking views to mountains, authentic culture- Almora is a paradise for nature lovers. Check out the Almora resorts for your stay and have a memorable trip ahead! All the best!
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