The Stones: Can they change the life?

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The stones are considered as a non-living thing, and hence people think that there is no effect they can have. However, the Vedic Astrology which is an important branch of astrology in Hinduism holds a different opinion. As per the ancient Hindu books, the human body is made of five elements of nature, and hence each of these elements has some effects in one or other form on one’s body as well as the mind. This very much applies to the precious and semi-precious gemstones and hence according to the planetary situation in one’s horoscope, there are different stones one can wear and get some unbelievable benefits. 

The Moonga Stone:

The Moonga is much famous as coral also. It is a stone with white or red color and usually found in the sea. There are white as well as red Moonga, but effects of both of these stones are different. The Red coral usually used to represent the Mars, and hence in case one has to face the malefic effects of the Mars due to its wrong position in the horoscope, one can wear the stone and improve the situation. The white moonga is a stone that can be asked to worn in a specific situation only. Hence an expert in this field is the best judge to advise one if he needs to wear a moonga gemstone and of which color. Usually, the wearer needs to have the stone with the weight of 5.25 ratti and wear it in the ring in the middle finger. One needs to worship the stone before wearing the same to get the expected benefits from it. This stone is available in thelocal market as well as online stores where one can purchase it with the certificate of originality. 

The Neelam Stone: 

Among all the precious and semi-preciousgemstones, the Neelam is the most attractive one. It is also called as blue sapphire as it is of blue color. This stone represents the planet Saturn which is also known for its effects on the mind and body of the person. In case one has to suffer from the malefic effect of Lord Shani, the wearing of this stone can prove much beneficial. However, without the advice of an expert, one must not wear this stone in any form as it can create negative effects also. It is the stone much known for its faster results, and hence it is always better to consult an expert and ask him about wearing this stone. 

The Neelam stone is much in demand, and hence there are many sellers who sell substandard stones on the name of original one. Hence if one really wants to have the desired results from the stone, one needs to buy the same from a trustworthy supplier. There are sellers who sell these stones in the traditional market as well as in the online stores. In thecase of buying from an unknown seller, one needs to ask for the stone with the certificate of originality as it can prove helpful to the users.
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