Hyderabad A City Brimming with Investment Opportunities

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The city of Hyderabad is the largest contributor the GDP of the state. It generated revenues of Rs 700,000 million, which was one-third of the state tax revenue. The per capita income of Hyderabad is Rs 294,000 and this put it the fourth position in India. 

Huge concentration of public sector enterprises

Furnished office space in Hyderabad is at a premium due to the high demand for space. Ever since its inception in 1591, Hyderabad has been a trading hub and boasts of the only diamond market in the world. The cream of the public enterprises – HMT, BHEL, DRDO, IDPL, NMDC, HAL, ECIL – were established in Hyderabad in the 1950s and 1960s creating the atmosphere of growth and prosperity. 

Culture and precious jewellery

Hyderabad is known as the City of Pearls. It has plenty of diamond and gemstone dealers who make tourists flock to the city. But, it has more than precious stones and jewellery to its credit. It is a place filled with cultural landmarks built by the rulers of the past especially the Qutub Shahi dynasty rulers. Osman Ali Khan is considered the father of modern Hyderabad. He constructed most the major structures that we see and use today. 

Growth of biotechnology

Another interesting aspect of the Pearl City is the connection it has with genes. The establishment of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries has given the sobriquet of Genome Valley of India to Hyderabad. Naturally, the growth of business is a consequence of the development of the region that one must expect. This, in turn, leads to the growing need for office space to administer all the businesses. 

New office is born

Due to big demand in the office space, the owners of the office buildings have devised a new way to split and develop office space. This is known as the shared office. The shared office lets the building owners to take control of the space in the building and break them into smaller pieces. Then, they let out these spaces to three or more firms.

In this way, the building owner can let out all the space he has in the building for use as office space. He brings the rent and overheads down for the individual users of each section of the office space, and he can provide a high-quality service to those that rent out the space in his building.

Great increase in value of the land

Property developer view Hyderabad office space as a veritable diamond mine due to the high value it has today. There is a 7-8% increase in the land value in most of the places in Hyderabad. The buy land rates are between Rs 5,852 – Rs 6,392 while the rental rates are from Rs 4,950 to Rs 14,395. 

The urgency for the office space has spawned a new type of office – the plug and play office. The plug-n-play office is a type of office that allows firms to hire an office on the go. They can just walk into the office with their staff and begin to their operations. All that they need is present and they need not bring or buy anything.
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