Will Data Scientists Exist in the Future

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Industry trends are a fickle thing and professions come and go according to the needs of the time. In 2016, data scientists were voted as the best job in America for their integral role in business and enormous incentives. As such, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of available talent applying for their roles.
One of the things that distinguished data scientists from the rest was the rarity of the individual and the exclusive expertise and growth they brought with them to their organization. Many go so far as to call them “unicorns” because not only are their expertise and the benefits they bring considered almost mythical, and for that exact reason, finding the right individual to fit the role of a data scientist is also extremely difficult. Part of the reason is the fact that the scope and skillset of a data scientist is quite large and must bring the right kind of balance between all of them to the company, so finding the right man or woman from a large tide of applicants is always difficult.

The advent of new data algorithm models also contributes towards reducing the demand for data scientists in many organizations, or at least, nullify the need to designate all responsibilities to the data scientist, and thus, taking from their worth. It is possible for an individual, with the right kind of technology and knowledge to be their own data scientist from new and constantly updating technology. Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows users to derive certain information and insights that is available to everyone, regardless of technical ability, and thus, eliminating the barriers of communication between machine and man, which also happens to be one of the main barriers of entry into data science as a career- a compulsory background in mathematics and computers.

With a growing number of data scientist jobs and the rise of data oriented technology, companies like IBM’s “Watson” and other NLP technologies will play a huge role in data science, analytics and the education surrounding, and associated, with it. It is logical to assume that many individuals would prefer to train in the use of these technologies rather than investing years of education, simply due to the improvement in cognitive technology in the industry. Individuals with this type of learning seem to be growing in demand rather than highly qualified data science professionals- when the option of having comprehensive and informative visualizations at the touch of a button is available, it is not surprising to note this shift in the industry.

The ability to have complex data and information presented in an easily presentable and relevant manner is going to be in high demand and, as such, many technologies allow processing and data crunching in precise and relevant manners while being presented with storytelling devices to provide suitable context. The rise in the use of “Infographics” is one such instance and its increasing introduction and popularity in the field of data science is anticipated. As such, the role of a data scientist may yet be ironically referred to as “unicorns” because, in the future, it is possible that they are no longer required or has evolved into something unrecognizable from its predecessor.
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1 comment

  1. Data Scientists holds a great future in the world of Big Data professionals, also with the growing Data, one must consider this option as the best career oriented option! Great article.