Perfect Outfits for every Occasion

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Going to a party? Or planning to hang out with friends? Or going to meet a client? Well, for every occasion there is standard apparel that is fixed. What If you wear formals on the beautiful beaches of Goa? What if you wear shorts and t-shirts in a corporate meeting? And, what if you wear traditional clothes in a club party? Will your clothing justify the occasion? No! You need to be serious about what type of clothes you put on a particular occasion. If you are confused about the permutations and combinations of clothing, then you have landed on the right page.

Let’s dive in.


First things first: Think about the place and time of the party.

Now, certainly, t-shirts are the worst match for the parties. But, they can be put under a suit/blazer to suit your look. A turtleneck is one of the not too dressy, not too casual type of alternative to those collared t-shirts. They can be out under checkered blazers and ‘monk straps’ or ‘Brogues.’

The other combination is the clich├ęd combination: A simple blazer under a plain t-shirt followed by normal dressing shoes under the pants.

If its winters, then here is the best fit for parties: A fit shirt, checkered wool suit, a muffler, and boots! The combination of silk, wool, and cotton stands unique and the pattern looks good because of varying scale of each.

Jeans can also work if you combine the right colors. Put light colored jeans under a dark colored blazer and vice versa. Under the blazer, a t-shirt or a cotton shirt will do.

A three piece suit combined with a tie. But, don’t match the color of tie and the suit. Keep the color of the suit, shirt, and tie in contrast!

And the last: You can never miss the hit in Blacks! Black makes a statement. Combine the black suit with white shirt and a bow-tie and ‘oxfords.’

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So, when you are meeting a client for the first time, dress for success.

A badly fitted suit or a very catchy colored suit is not preferred. Be well groomed and your clothes should be well ironed and cherry on the cake shall be the wrist watch and a decent fragrance. It is believed that for a business meeting or an interview while dressing up yourself, you should think classic rather than trendy.

Stick to your comfort level as well. If you wear some tight pants and you are not feeling comfortable, then Congratulations! My friend, you just ruined your experience. Because half of your concentration will be lost in adjusting your pants and underpants ☺

For interviews as well meetings, the color preferred is White or Blue colored shirt. It can be checkered or lined but make sure, it does not look casual. Blue is the business color and you should use it smartly. Go for different shades of blue with dark gray or black suits! Keep your shoes dark: Black be the best! Adjust your sleeves properly and match your wrist watch color with your belt’s buckle. It can be golden or silver. Match your shoe color with your belt’s color. Tie: If you are wearing a light shaded blue color, then go for a dark colored tie: Red, Dark Blue, Grey etc and if it is a white colored shirt, then everything will work provided it does not look funky!

But then, the definition of a funky look, a casual look, and a formal look depends upon your understanding.

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I hope you liked these tips and please don’t forget to leave your feedback in the form of comments below.

Till then, wish you all the success!
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