Things You Should Know Before Ordering Wholesale Flowers

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Flowers are beautiful, but there are only two situations in which they are beautiful: when they are still attached to their plants, and when they have undergone careful preparation. Flowers that are cut and taken for display don't cooperate well. They wilt, rot, and die. Imagine that happening to wedding flowers. It would be depressing. It would look like an omen or a symbol of bad luck for the upcoming marriage. Nobody likes seeing such things on their wedding day. You need to know these things to make sure it won't happen to your wedding. These tips will help you have a beautiful wedding with fresh, beautiful flowers. It is just the way all weddings should be. A wedding that has well-prepared flowers is a good wedding.

How They are Sent

The flowers are cut before they fully bloom. Each flower is placed in its own package. Some of the flowers are placed in a protective cardboard sleeve, and others get a special net around their heads. Some flowers are delivered without water, and other flowers are delivered with water tubes. The flowers that are delivered without water are pre-treated. It is like they are sent to hibernation and covered in their older petals and leaves to keep them protected as they get delivered. They are still asleep when they arrive.

When They Don't Look Like Themselves

The flowers also look asleep when they get delivered to you. Do not panic if they do not look the same way as the ones in the advertisements of your flower delivery service. You still need to wake them up. Hydrate them, trim them on their stems, trim their excess foliage, and remove their guard petals if there are any. You need to take extremely good care of them, and then you will see how they perk up. They will start resembling the model flowers in the advertisements. Remember that they are fresh flowers and are sensitive, so they might not look exactly like the ones in the flower company's pictures.

What You Need to Do

The only things the flower delivery services deliver are flowers, and nothing more. You are going to have to come up with everything else. To make the wedding look like its best, prepare and arrange your flowers carefully. Make sure you have a complete set of floral supplies, and they must be ready even before the flowers arrive. You can hire experts who will take care of the flowers, but that will only add extra expense. If you are okay with working hard to make the best wholesale flowers and perfect floral look, you can do it yourself.

Get Help

If you are going to prepare the flowers without paying anyone, you must be prepared for the work. Plan the whole flower care even before ordering the flowers. Get all the supplies you will need and keep them ready. The benefits of caring for the flowers on your own are you get to save money and you get to have fun with creativity. The flower care process can also be a chance for bonding and socializing if you get the help of family and friends. Never forget to have fun.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Because of all of these things that you need to do to get the ultimate wedding flowers, you must order them ahead of time and prepare their storage ahead of time. The schedule of the delivery depends on the flowers, arrangements, and the flower care that you planned. If you planned to do it yourself, you are going to need to order them around four days ahead of the wedding date. Once you have finished preparing the flowers for the big day, store them in a cool and dark place to preserve them. You don't want them looking rotten during the wedding.


The preparation of wedding flowers doesn't start on the purchase of wholesale flowers, nor on the delivery of flowers. The preparation of wedding flowers starts days ahead of the purchase and delivery of flowers. You need to plan how you will prepare your flowers, how long it will take, and the supplies you will need. The preparation of these flowers is a long and intricate process, but it is all worth it.
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