Why is motivation important in the working environment?

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It is your personality and behavioural pattern, which plays a significant role to provide the answers to the questions that a recruiter generally asks. Keeping recruitment process in point of view, it is expected that the person who apply for a particular job role is well aware about the working structure of the organization and the role which he would have to play in that organization. With the help of personality tests, the employer will get a clear assistance on evaluating the right way to handle the relevant task associated activities such as working in teams, managing the stakeholders and ensuring that all the rules and regulations are followed in a right manner to solve the issues. 

What is motivation all about?

There are two types of motivation which completely depends on the internal and external factors. They are named as intrinsic and extrinsic. These two factors completely stimulate your eagerness to create things. Talking about Intrinsic factor, it revolves around engaging the behaviour as they reward you at personal level. This can even include solving the word puzzle as you might fund it as a fun challenging. The other one is the extrinsic level where the individuals who are engaged in the behaviour pattern are driven by the external rewards such as fame, money and praise. Such type of participation includes the sport to be won award or extra efforts that has been put in the company award.

Why is it important in an organization?

From employer’s point of view, if there is an unmotivated employee working then it becomes an alarming situation. In fact, the employee would even get the disengagement costs if there is not much participation received from the person in the workplace. The fact is, if there is a motivated working environment, there are more chances of good business which means there is improved job satisfaction and that is the main reason it would result in less turnover and absenteeism rates which eventually would improve the rate of productivity and efficiency. But that is not it, the company with highly engages employees are likely to achieve more success.

With the motivation assessment test, you can actually recruit the right candidate for the specific job role. It also improves the performance of the employee, creates a good sporting enthusiasm and build the team of individuals who have a good spirit and confident enough to work for the betterment of organization.

You should shortlist those candidates for the next round of interview who have the personality test that matches with the job requirement. Talking of which if you are hiring a candidate for HR background, the person should be likely to demonstrate the effective communication skills, stakeholder, management skills and a planned approach. For the people hiring candidates for engineering roles should focus if the candidate has a work safety attitude and can cope up with the workplace pressure which might be flexible. It is important that the person with different roles in the company needs to be assessed completely different.

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