Must Haves to Donate the Bone Marrow

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Bone marrow transplantation program is a very critical and complicated operation. There are various things that should be maintained and required for this operation. The first and foremost thing is to have the perfect donor. Not everyone can match the requirement one should have to donate their bone marrow. Bone marrow is a semi-solid tissue generally present in the spongy portion of bones. It produces hematopoietic stem cells which in turn produces new blood cells.

It is a very important part of the body. So if something happens to it, the blood production may get disrupted and in turn, the whole body system will be hampered. Bone marrow transplantation helps to cure many diseases including cancer and leukemia. But there is a number of things which should be maintained.

The procedure of bone marrow transplantation is very crucial and obviously, the bone marrow transplant cost matters a lot here. Many other things that are required for the donor to have are:

Age: People aged between 18-40 are best suited for this process. The younger the donor the efficient the blood cells would be. The efficiency decreases with respect to age.

Other Diseases: If someone is suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, sugar, arthritis they cannot donate the bone marrow.

HIV/AIDS: If someone gets diagnosed with HIV virus they are not potential for the transplantation.

Autoimmune Diseases: Someone having autoimmune diseases that affect the whole body like rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, psoriasis, Addison's disease etc they cannot donate their bone marrow. But if someone is having an autoimmune disease that affects only an organ system and is under controlled or fully recovered then they are able to join.

Allergy: There are various types of allergy and some of them are life-threatening. If you have mild allergy from dust, pollen or something else then you're eligible to register as a potential donor.

Kidney/Liver Disease: Someone suffering from severe liver or kidney disease may not be allowed to register as a potential donor. It may cause a problem for both donor and recipient.

Pregnancy: It is not allowed to collect a blood sample at any time of pregnancy. If you're planning a baby or already pregnant, you should not donate the bone marrow. However, you can donate the umbilical cord blood after your baby is born.

These are the main requirements to donate the bone marrow. Any type of transplantation (bone marrow or any organ) is a very critical program which needs a greater matching of the donor and the recipient. Cost of bone marrow transplant is really not a problem. It is very moderate. Nowadays there are various medical care insurances and in some cases, the government also helps uptown some extent.

  It is suggested to go to a famous hospital for this type of operations. Doctors with various years of experience can do it much better. Surgery, medication and donor matter more than the money. One should always consult an experienced doctor before taking any decision and it would be better to stay in a routine check-up to avoid these type of situations. 
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