Train Journeys: Experiences worth Having!

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You should go out for train journeys as often as you can because it would help you significantly. You would not just get to know about so many places, but you are going to learn about different people and their lifestyles. If you are a person in the fields of writing, painting or so on, then this thing becomes even more important. It is simply because you get new ideas for your creativity and work.
Apart from being equipped with different features of trains like train pnr status, toll=free numbers and so on; you are going to be filled with changing scenes outside your window. You are going to observe all the beauty, diversity and liveliness right outside the window. It would be full of life and merriment. There are certain things that can help you grow in your profession if you pay attention to them. Have a look at them below:

Different dialects

When you talk to people in the train, you get to know about different dialects. You understand people and their diverse ways of speaking and talking. Such a thing fills you with so much of knowledge and information. The dialects give you the information about how rich your country is and how every region is filled up with different tongues. Believe it or not, such a grasp is going to help you in your professional creative life.

Dressing sense

You are going to know much more about dressing sense. You will get an idea about how different people dress up in a different way. Some people might be wearing dhoti and kurta, some in their casual pant shirt, some passengers in court pant, some in jeans, and some even in shorts and pyjamas. And talking about women they can be found wearing suits, sarees, legging, and kurti, and much more. Such diversity cannot be found in any other place. Since your train would go through different places, many passengers would board the train and many would get down. Amidst these shuffling of passengers, you would get to see even more diverse and regional dressing styles. If you are an artist, these dressing styles can help you make your paintings more meaningful. If you paint a sketch, you can make sure that you draw an idea from these scenes. Similarly, don’t forget that their accessories too differ from place to place. Some women wear flowers on their head or otherwise; some wear huge nose pin and some even wear heavy earrings in the ears. So, it would be interesting to witness this extensive variety of your country.

Food variety

Trains are popular for catering variety of food. Apart from the snacks of pantry; you can see myriad of hawkers selling different eatables and snacks. You can eat them as per your taste and preference. You might even encounter some regional snacks that you have no clue about. Similarly, since the regions outside your train would change after every couple of kilometres; you would find new food options and snacks for your pleasure.

Thus, these train journeys have a depth if you are ready to explore. You can experience new things on each of your journey in train.

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