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After our mother the most important person from a life point of view would be a doctor. They are bound to help you in the recovery phase if something untoward happens to us in our life. They do give us a sense of hope from an impossible situation. Not only they go on to save your life, but their role is much beyond that to be honest. A lot of doctors have gone on to earn a distinct reputation because of the trust and hard work they have put in this sphere. One of the names that come to the mind in a fraction of a second is Arvinder Singh Soin. In the domain of liver transplant he has gone on to earn a distinct name for himself. All this has been achieved in a short span of time. One thing is for sure he has given a distinct name to the health care industry.

Currently he has set up base in Gurgam and is the chairman of Live Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine Institute. He is such a renowned expert that numerous surgeries have been done under his flagship. The government has taken notice of his achievements and for this reason he has been conferred the Padma Shri. In fact such has been the evolution and contribution of his to the field of medicine that very few people have managed to achieve this route. You can say that he is a household name for most of us.

He is a powerful personality who has gone on to give a new dimension to the medical world. Till date he has gone on to perform more than 3500 surgeries.  The year 2010 was a turning point in his life. Here he went on to leave the Ganga ram hospital and went on to form his own institute. It is here where he happens to take care of the patietns. He is credited for providing the patietns with a lot of personal care as well. This institute where is he is the head happens to be one of the most popular institutes of the world. Here the latest in the domain of liver transplant surgery is being conducted.

The main reason on why he has been able to scale the ladder of success is all because of the number of successful surgeries he has performed till date. There are lot of programs of liver transplant and he is credited with carrying them. Till date there have been close to 1200 complex surgeries and this goes on to include the bile duct as well. The best part about him is that he has not only restricted the knowledge to himself. He has gone on to impart his knowledge to various people in the course of training. This includes doctors from the neighbouring countries as well.  The year where he went on to receive the Padma Shri, on that same year he made it to the Limca book of records as well.
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