How far are Jilbabs the ideal Muslim women wear?

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Jilbabs as Muslim woman dress is there since a long time. It is the kind of cloak that screens the entire body leaving the eyes to see the world. In the Arab and Muslim countries, Jilbabs are foremost dressing choices for women. Although Jilbabs are popular since a long time but there are some controversies regarding different styles of Muslim women dresses. We cannot say that current time jiljab is similar to that of traditional times. We don’t have any picture of garment from the Muslim era to give evidences. But, no Muslim scholar ever stated in Quran that Jiljab is not the kind of Muslim dress. However, Muslim women of current times state that Jiljabs of present day are similar to that of the days of Prophet. Regarding the history of Jiljab, you can collect a lot of information. Jiljab as Muslim women wear dates back to 1970s. It was Egyptian woman who first adopted Jiljab as the kind of dressing. Slowly and gradually, Indonesian women also adopted it.

Jilbabs are the part of Muslim woman wardrobe

There was a time when only Egyptian women wore Jilbab in order to show obedience to certain sect of Muslim. After the passage of time, Jilbabs became the part of every Muslim woman wardrobe. Even the unaccustomed parts of world got acquainted with Jilbabs. Nowadays, irrespective of social and ethnic background, Jilbabs are trademark of Muslim woman dressing. Those women who used to wear loose fitting dresses, they adopted jilbabs believing that the dress is approved by Allah in the Quran. The ones who reside in Non-Muslim countries, they wear Jilbabs to hide the body contour. They wear Jilbabs along with scarves to cover their heads. In the Sunnah and Quran, there is a reference to the need for covering the face of women. But, there are two sides to Jilbabs, that is, it may not necessarily connote to long and loose fitting Muslim woman dress. It simply implies the process of veiling the face. It connotes to various types of Muslim dresses that seeks to cover up.

Muslim women dress code and the facts

In Islamic culture, a woman is highly valued and treasured. As per Islam, a woman should not expose her body wherever she goes. It is important to choose a proper Muslim dress for women that seek to cover up. Dress should neither be very big or too much tight. If you want to go by Muslim dress code, choose long sleeves. Choose materials or kinds of dresses that suit your activities. If you are very active and indulge in rigorous activities, choose clothes that can absorb sweat at a faster pace. To cover up your neck, pick hijab model headscarf. Buy a stylish and elegant hijab wrap. The particular clothe style must disguise body contour.

It is good to stay tuned with the fashion world and choose something which boosts your self-confidence. Go by the latest trends of dresses to look good and elegant. Even when you cover the whole body, you can be stylish, trendy and classy. Jijab is decent and modest kind of Muslim clothing.
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